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Fairy Plate Twin Pack


New and Exclusive to The Irish Fairy Door company is this exquisite twin pack of fairy-sized plates.

Fairies are very good at collecting teeth - it is one of their main duties and responsibilities after all! So if your tooth falls out, make sure to leave it outside your Fairy Door on this special, hand-painted tooth plate.

To return the favour, the Fairy Treats Plate should be used to pass on treats to your fairy. Did you know they love Cheerios and raisins? Why not give them a treat by leaving some beside their door on this hand-painted Treat Plate?


This is not a toy. Materials and manufacturing is in accordance with 2001/95EC directive. We have ensured where possible in the manufacture of these fairy doors the use of child-safe, non-toxic products. Small objects present a choking hazard for children under 3 years old.

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